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Table 5 Aquilegia physical contigs mapped by two or more genetic markers from the second pool hybridization

From: Genomic tools development for Aquilegia: construction of a BAC-based physical map

Contig TC Marker Map position (Linkage group/cM)
Ctg404 TC1022, TC9132, TC15023 3/75.7 - 80.3
Ctg814 TC8452, TC14418 4/50.3 - 51.3
Ctg600 TC14475, TC14967a 3/64.6
Ctg1690 TC8499a, TC8191 2/87.7
Ctg596 TC14979, TC15808 2/33.5 - 40.3
Ctg1119 TC14131a, TC21922* na
Ctg348 TC30032*, TC10108a na
Ctg814 TC8452, TC14418 4/50.3 - 51.3
Ctg509 TC27360*, TC14816 1/12.9
Ctg490 TC15181a, TC14816 1/12.9
Ctg200 TC15995a, TC14391 2/74.7
Ctg516 TC14337a, TC15591 3/46.4
Ctg1019 TC15053, TC14816 1/98.0, 12.9
Ctg1007 TC8563, TC27371a 3/44.7
Ctg636 TC31785*, TC27019a na
  1. aMarkers that have not been genetically mapped
  2. *Markers that are potentially involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis