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Table 4 Effectors specific to particular groups of species

From: Comparative genomics reveals diversity among xanthomonads infecting tomato and pepper

Effector class Locus tags Pfam domains Comments/References
Effectors common to all pepper pathogensXv,XcvandXg
XopE2 XCV2280, XVE_1190, XGA_2887 Putative transglutaminase [114]
XopG XCV1298, XVE_4501, XGA_4777 M27 family peptidase clostridium toxin This study
Effectors common toXv,Xgbut absent fromXpandXcv
XopAM XVE_4676, XGA_3942 - This study
HrpW XVE_3222, XGA_2761 Pectate lyase HrpW associated with hrp cluster, May not be T3SE [111]
AvrXccA1 XVE_5046, XGA_0679 LbH domain containing hexapeptide repeats (X-[STAV]-X-[LIV]-[GAED]-X)- acyltransferase enzyme activity May not be T3SE [112]
XopZ2 XGA_2762, XVE_3221 Not known This study; Associated with hrp cluster.
Effectors common toXgandXcvbut absent fromXpandXv
XopB XGA_4392, XCV0581 - [113]
Effectors common toXpandXcvbut absent fromXgandXv
XopE1 XPE_1224, XCV0294 Putative transglutaminase [114]
XopF2 XPE_1639, XCV2942 - [105]
XopI XPE_3711, XCV0806 F-box domain [115]
XopP XPE_3586, XPE_4695(Partial), XCV1236   [105]
XopV XPE_4158, XCV0657 - [106]
XopAK XPE_4569, XCV3786 - Not confirmed to be effector in Xanthomonas; Homolog of effector in Pseudomonas.
XopAP XPE_1567, XCV3138 Lipase class III 45% identity to homolog in Xp; Homolog of rip38 from R. solanacearum RS1000 [46]
Effectors present inXvandXpbut absent fromXgandXcv
XopAR XVE_3216, XPE_2975 - [46]