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Table 1 List of the 14 induced and suppressed annotated genes in soybean cv. Williams 82 at 12 dai and 10 wai by M. incognita (p-value ≤ 0.05) that were used in qRT-PCR for confirmation of microarray results.

From: Analysis of Gene expression in soybean (Glycine max) roots in response to the root knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita using microarrays and KEGG pathways

Gene name EC Number 12-dai 10-wai
   Accession No Fold Change Accession No Fold Change
Lipoxygenase (LOX1) AW705829 22.6 AW705829 -9.9
Allene oxide synthase (AOS) BG789629 -59.3 BG789629 -77.4
Allene oxide cyclase (AOC) BI943104 -6.3 BI943104 No change
12-oxophytodienoate reductase (OPR2) or (OPR3) BI971360 5.0 CF808146 -8.8
Pectin esterase (PECT.) CF808202 47.5 Not tested  
Cellulase (CELL.) BQ612445 -4.6 No tested  
Caffeoyl-coA-0-methyltransferase (CCOA-OMT) AW349604 2.6 BG155028 1.9
Coumarate 3-hydroxylase (C3H) 1.14.13.- BU549690 2.9 CD413163 8.4
ferulate-5-hydroxylase (F5H) 1.14.-.- BU547972 15.4 BU547972 20.5
Cyclin-dependent kinase B2;2 (CDKB2) No EC CD418070 5.2 CD418070 3.1
Cyclin-dependent protein kinase (CYCD3) No EC AW760424 No change AW760424 -2.9