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Figure 1

From: Genome-wide dynamics of a bacterial response to antibiotics that target the cell envelope

Figure 1

Changes in gene expression following antibiotic treatment affect 2094 (27%) of the 7825 genes in the S. coelicolor genome, with many genes responding to more than one drug. A) Genes significantly repressed (left) or induced (right) following addition of vancomycin (Van), bacitracin (Bac) or moenomycin A (Moe). Black bars represent genes that were significantly differently expressed at all three time points after treatment, white bars correspond to genes affected at any two out of the three time points, and grey bars indicate those changed at only one of the three time points. A fold-change cut-off value of 1.5 was used, and all genes are significantly differently expressed at the 1% probability level. B) Venn diagrams showing the genes from Figure 1A that respond to more than one drug, or uniquely to individual treatments. C) Heat maps showing the expression profiles of the differentially expressed genes identified in Figures 1A and 1B under all conditions analysed. The columns represent the time in minutes following the antibiotic or control (Ctrl) treatments, and the rows correspond to genes. The log2 expression values for each gene are represented by the colours according to the key scales shown, and the rows have been clustered with NeatMap using the average linkage method [88].

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