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Figure 2

From: BLAST Ring Image Generator (BRIG): simple prokaryote genome comparisons

Figure 2

Screenshots of BRIG's graphical user interfaces. Screenshots of BRIG's three main graphical user interfaces: A. The "select input data" window where users are able to specify the reference sequences, query sequences, and output folder. B. The "customise ring" window where one or more query sequence files, that were loaded in the previous window, are chosen for each concentric ring. Image drawing configurations, including ring colour, size, identity thresholds and legend text can also be specified. Custom annotations, graphs, or a ring showing contig boundary information can be added at this point. C. In the "confirmation" window settings are confirmed and submitted to BRIG to perform the genome comparisons and image rendering. Progress is written to a console box. From any window prior to job submission, configurations for BLAST or CGview can be altered via the preferences pull-down menu.

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