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Figure 1

From: Skin healing and scale regeneration in fed and unfed sea bream, Sparus auratus

Figure 1

Longitudinal transverse sections (5 μm) of sea bream skin from each of the experimental groups. A) Removal of scale; B) N (control); C) 3WS (without scales day 3); D) 7WS (without scales day 7); E) amplification of 7WS (without scales day 7); F) 3STWS (fasted without scales day 3); G) 7STWS (fasted without scales day 7); H) 3ST (fasted day 3) and I) 7ST (fasted day 7) stained with Masson's Trichrome. The posterior region of the scale is orientated to the right. Connective tissue is stained green and mineralized and collagen-rich tissues are stained bright red. Sc - scale; scp - scale pocket; ep - epidermis; dm - dermis; hypdm - hypodermis and mc - muscle are indicated. Scale bars: A,B,C,D,F,G,H - 200 μm; E - 50 μm.

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