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Table 2 New RD regions identified in BCG Mexico 1931

From: Genomic and proteomic analyses of Mycobacterium bovis BCG Mexico 1931 reveal a diverse immunogenic repertoire against tuberculosis infection

Deleted sequence Location1 Length (bp) Affected genes1
RDMex012 844357...844410 53 Intergenic region between rpsN1 and rpsH
RDMex02 (Δ fad23) 4272815...4273470 655 fadD23
RDMex03 (ΔRv3860-64) 4308821...4311668 2847 BCG3923 BCG3924 whiB6 BCG3926
  1. 1Locations and names of affected genes are given according to the BCG Pasteur 1173P2 genome; 2also deleted in BCG Danish 1331.