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Table 1 The logistic regression coefficients of each variable, their standard errors and the associated P-values from permutation tests.

From: The odds of duplicate gene persistence after polyploidization

Variable Coefficient Standard Error P-value
T 1.038 0.184 0.001 *
I -0.017 0.086 0.477  
E 0.470 0.036 0.001 *
dN -0.310 0.070 0.001 *
dS -0.191 0.057 0.001 *
dN/dS_adj -0.091 0.077 0.074  
No.Exons -0.097 0.049 0.002 *
Protein Length -0.052 0.048 0.074  
Intron Length -0.151 0.037 0.001 *
AA Diversity -0.022 0.024 0.351  
  1. Variables include expression summary statistics Total (T), Intensity (I), and Evenness (E), the rate of nonsynonymous (dN) and synonymous (dS) subsitutions per site, the ratio of dN/dS after adjusting dS (dNdS_adj), the number of exons (No.Exons), the total protein-coding length in nucleotides (Protein Length), the total intron length (Intron Length) and the amino acid diversity (AA Diversity). See Methods for description of these variables. The coefficient column represents the change in the log odds of duplicate gene retention per unit increase in the predictor variable. A positive (respectively, negative) coefficient indicates a positive (negative) correlation between that variable in the diploid species S. tropicalis and the probability that a duplicate is retained in the tetraploid species X. laevis. Significant values of P < 0.01 are indicated with an asterisk.