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Table 2 Summary of transcriptome data generated on Illumina genome analyzer IIx for leaf tissue of P. kurrooa.

From: De novo sequencing and characterization of Picrorhiza kurrooa transcriptome at two temperatures showed major transcriptome adjustments

  15°C 25°C Total/Pooled
Total number of paired-end reads 27,562,496 49,274,224 76,836,720
Number of reads obtained after quality filtering 20,593,412 44,229,272 64,822,684
Number of assembled transcripts 31,338 63,718 74,336
Average length of transcripts (in bp) 403.87 434.39 439.5
Average coverage (%) 64.68 71.26 76.6
  1. The table shows assembly quality when assembled for reads generated at 15°C and 25°C, separately and by pooling the reads obtained at the two temperatures together. The best contigs were found for the pooled data having higher coverage and higher average transcript length