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Table 1 Summary of the sequencing and assembly

From: De novo sequencing and analysis of the Ulva linza transcriptome to discover putative mechanisms associated with its successful colonization of coastal ecosystems

  Sequence (n) Bases (bp)
  Raw reads 503,789 199,554,589
  Average read length 396 bp  
  High-quality reads 445,787 175,500,089
  Reads used in assembly 421,845 165,785,088
  Average read length after trimming 393 bp  
  Reads assembled as contigs 382,884 150,473,414
  Number of contigs 13,426 13,438,442
  Average length of contigs 1,000 bp  
  Range of contig length 50-9,881 bp  
  Depth on contigs 14.48  
  Number of isotigs 10,784 16,340,803
  Average length of isotigs 1,515 bp  
  Range of isotig length 50-13,194  
  Depth on isotigs 1.24