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Table 1 Literature mining approaches for mutations and impacts

From: Automated extraction and semantic analysis of mutation impacts from the biomedical literature

  MEMA[2] MuteXt[3] Mutation GraB[4] MuGex[5] mSTRAP[9] Mutation Miner[20] MutationFinder[6] Yip et al.[8] Mehren et al.[7] Laurila et al.[11] OMM
Mutation Tagging  
Mutation Series Tagging       (√)     
Mutation-Protein Grounding      
Impact Tagging          
Impact-Mutation Grounding          
Protein Property Tagging           (√)
Physical Quantity Tagging           
Impact-Protein Property Grounding           
Protein Property-Physical Quantity Grounding           
Ontology Export          (√)
Web Service Access           (√)