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Table 3 The pathways and the products involved in the pathway of plant hormone signal transduction

From: Transcriptome analysis of Cymbidium sinense and its application to the identification of genes associated with floral development

Pathway Product Pathway ID
Brassinosteroid biosynthesis Brassinosteroid ko00905
Carotenoid biosynthesis Abscisic acid Ko00906
Cysteine and methionine metabolism Ethylene Ko00270
Diterpenoid biosynthesis Gibberellin Ko00904
Indole alkaloid biosynthesis Indole-acetic acid Ko00901
α-Linolenic acid metabolism Jasmonic acid Ko00591
Phenylalanine metabolism Salicylic acid Ko00360
Tryptophan metabolism Auxin Ko00380
Zeatin biosynthesis Cytokinin ko00908