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Table 4 Summary of miRNA target genes within the CNV subgroups and the miRNAs targeting the CNV genes

From: miRNA and miRNA target genes in copy number variations occurring in individuals with intellectual disability

CNV category No. of coding genes in CNVs Genes in CNVs targeted by miRNA Pathways enriched for miRNA target genes miRNA targeting the genes in CNVs in enrichment analysis
De novo from ID 737 84 (11.5%)a MAPK signaling pathway MIR-128A,MIR-128B,MIR-194,MIR-27A,MIR-27B,MIR-296,MIR-302A,MIR-302B,MIR-302C,MIR-302D,MIR-326,MIR-329,MIR-34A,MIR-34C,MIR-372,MIR-373,MIR-449,MIR-503,MIR-520A,MIR-520B,MIR-520C,MIR-520D,MIR-520E,MIR-526B,MIR-9,MIR-93
Insulin signaling pathway
Axon guidance
Huntington’s disease
Hedgehog signaling pathway
N-Glycan biosynthesis
p53 signaling pathway
Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation
Pathogenic from Decipher 838 87 (10.4%)a Neurotrophin signaling pathway MIR-196A,MIR-196B,MIR-24,MIR-320,MIR-506,MIR-493,MIR-25,MIR-32,MIR-92,MIR-363,MIR-367,MIR-512-5P,MIR-302C,MIR-30A-5P,MIR-30C,MIR-30D,MIR-30B,MIR-30E-5P,MIR-485-3P
Renal cell carcinoma
MAPK signaling pathway
Pathways in cancer
Chronic myeloid leukemia
Chemokine signaling pathway
Long-term potentiation
ErbB signaling pathway
TGF-beta signaling pathway
Adherens junction
Familial from ID 188 15 (8.1%)a Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis MIR-193A,MIR-193B,MIR-495,MIR-302C,MIR-198
Common from ID case cohort 454 0b N/A 0
Common from control cohort 266 3 (1.1%)b N/A MIR-526B
  1. Notes: Significant difference was found between data a and data b (P < 0.05) (a two sided Fisher’s exact test). N/A: not available.