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Table 1 Hybrid linkage groups and alignment to rainbow trout chromosome (Omy) and linkage group (RT) arms ( p and q )

From: Chromosome rearrangements, recombination suppression, and limited segregation distortion in hybrids between Yellowstone cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii bouvieri) and rainbow trout (O. mykiss)

Hybrid linkage group Inferred linkage group structure Omy arms RT arms
RYHyb01 Metacentric Omy01 (p, q) RT6 (p, q)
RYHyb02 Metacentric Omy02 (p, q) RT27 (p, q)
RYHyb03 Metacentric Omy03 (p, q) RT31 (p, q)
RYHyb04 Metacentric Omy04 (p, q) RT24 (p, q)
RYHyb05 Metacentric Omy05 (p, q) RT8 (p, q)
RYHyb06 Metacentric Omy06 (p, q) RT10 (p, q)
RYHyb07 Metacentric Omy07 (p, q) RT12 (p, q)
RYHyb08 Metacentric Omy08 (p, q) RT23 (p, q)
RYHyb09 Metacentric Omy09 (p, q) RT21 (p, q)
RYHyb10 Metacentric Omy10 (p, q) RT20 (p, q)
RYHyb11 Metacentric Omy11 (p, q) RT19 (p, q)
RYHyb12 Metacentric Omy12 (p, q) RT9 (p, q)
RYHyb13 Metacentric Omy13 (p, q) RT2 (p, q)
RYHyb14 Metacentric Omy14 (p, q) RT3 (p, q)
RYHyb15 Metacentric Omy15 (p, q) RT7 (p, q)
RYHyb16 Metacentric Omy16 (p, q) RT22 (p, q)
RYHyb17 Metacentric Omy17 (p, q) RT29 (p, q)
RYHyb18 Metacentric Omy18 (p, q) RT16 (p, q)
RYHyb19 Metacentric Omy19 (p, q) RT14 (p, q)
RYHyb20 Metacentric Omy20 (p, q)_Omy28 (q) RT17 (p, q)_RT13 (q)
RYHyb21 Metacentric Omy21 (p, q) RT15 (p, q)
RYHyb22 Metacentric Omy22 (p, q) RT5 (p, q)
RYHyb23 Acrocentric Omy23 (q) RT30 (q)
RYHyb24 Acrocentric Omy24 (q) RT26 (q)
RYHyb251 Acrocentric Omy25 (q) RT4 (q)
RYHyb25_291 Metacentric Omy25 (q)_Omy29 (q) RT4 (q)_RT25 (q)
RYHyb26 Acrocentric Omy26 (q) RT18 (q)
RYHyb27 Acrocentric Omy27 (q) RT11 (q)
RYHyb28 Acrocentric Omysex (q) RT1 (q)
RYHyb291 Acrocentric Omy29 (q) RT25 (q)
  1. 1 Female 1 and Male 2 were homozygous for the acrocentric chromosomes RYHyb25 and RYHyb29. Female 2 and Male 1 were heterozygotes for the polymorphism, comprising the fused metacentric RYHyb25_29 and the acrocentric chromosomes RYHyb25 and RYHyb29.