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Figure 6

From: Quantitative high-throughput profiling of snake venom gland transcriptomes and proteomes (Ovophis okinavensis and Protobothrops flavoviridis)

Figure 6

Alignment of four Protobothrops and two Ovophis glutaminyl cyclase (QC) sequences with bovine QC and with sequences reported from two colubrid and three additional crotalid venoms. The two long Protobothrops transcripts [AB848133 and AB848134] show near identity with other crotalid sequences, except for an N-terminal 15 residues upstream of the N-terminal methionine. The short Protobothrops sequences [AB851933, AB851934] are missing the N-terminal 37 residues of the longer sequences. The next eight residues of the short sequences (QC 3-4) are unique, but thereafter they are identical to the long sequences. Ovophis venom also contains two QC [AB852014, AB852015] sequences, but owing to the lack of an N-terminal stop codon, no conclusions can be drawn regarding their length. Positions 18 and 47 differentiate Boiga from the crotalids. Positions 27, 294, 298, and 300 are variable across the different taxa.

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