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Table 2 QTL studies for candidate genes collection

From: Prioritizing genes responsible for host resistance to influenza using network approaches

Study* QTL regions Influenza virus Mouse strains
Toth et al., 1999[13] chr6:48676555-75397704 H3N2 CXB
Boon et al., 2009[10] chr2:33–52 Mb; H5N1 BXD
chr7:107–121 Mb;
chr11:101–107 Mb;
chr15:51–57 Mb;
chr17:68–84 Mb
Nedelko et al., 2012[15] chr2:56–68 Mb; H1N1 BXD
chr5:140–153 Mb;
chr16:64–78 Mb;
chr17:30–44 Mb;
chr19:37–45 Mb
Boivin et al., 2012[14] chr2:24–38 Mb; H3N2 AcB
chr17:37–48 Mb
Ferris et al., 2013[16] chr1:21767867–29085401; H1N1 preCC
  1. *The QTL regions were collected from genome-wide scans of phenotypes related to the outcome of influenza virus infection in inbred mouse.
  2. The genomic positions are based on the coordinates of NCBI build 37.