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Table 1 USA300 and USA 400 isolates

From: Genomic and transcriptomic differences in community acquired methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus USA300 and USA400 strains

USA Pulsotype Strain name ST coverage Year Site of isolation or syndrome Onset SRA ID
USA400 staph649 ST1 99.02 2004 Skin infection CA SRX026443
USA400 gsast11506 ST1 99 2000   CA SRX026318
USA400 gsast2674 ST1 99 2000 Respiratory, severe sepsis nec pneumonia CA SRX025928
USA400 gsastq2352 ST1 99 2000 Respiratory, severe sepsis nec pneumonia CA SRX025931
USA300 gsast10243 ST8 98.15 2007 Blood CA SRX026310
USA300 gsast10329 ST8 99.27 2007 Peritoneal/body fluid HA SRX026315
USA300 gsast1135 ST8 98.15 2004 Skin infection CA SRX026317
USA300 gsast11578 ST8 99.3 2002   CA SRX025942
USA300 gsast1185 ST8 96.65 2004 Skin infection CA SRX025925
USA300 gsast13205 ST8 97.37 2008 Blood, nec pneumonia, sepsis   SRX025943
USA300 gsast2145 ST8 99.28 2005 Skin infection CA SRX026311
USA300 gsast5319 ST8 99.32 2005 Skin infection CA SRX026314
USA300 gsast9376 ST8 97.91 2007 Respiratory HA SRX025927
USA300 gsast9549 ST8 99.26 2007 Screen HA SRX025926
USA300 gsast9636 ST8 99.28 2007 Respiratory HA SRX025944
USA300 gsast9750 ST8 98.82 2007 Screen HA SRX025939
USA300 gsastca11 ST8 95.94 1998   CA SRX025929
USA300 staph923 ST8 99.31 2004 Skin infection CA SRX025930