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Figure 2

From: A gene expression fingerprint of C. elegans embryonic motor neurons

Figure 2

Isolation of unc-4::GFP neurons by FACS. A. Fluorescence intensity profile of wildtype (non-GFP) cells. Boxed areas exclude autofluorescent7 cells (arrow). B. unc-4::GFP cells are gated to exclude propidium iodide-stained (non-viable) cells. C. Light scattering gate for GFP-positive cells (circle) to exclude cell clumps and debris. D. Combined fluorescence and DIC image of unc-4::GFP labeled motor neurons in L1 larva. (DA2 is not visible here.) Arrow points to embryo at stage (< 400 min) prior to unc-4::GFP expression. E, F. Fluorescence and DIC images of 24 hr culture from unc-4::GFP embryos. G. unc-4::GFP neurons after enrichment by FACS. Arrow heads point to rare (~10%) non-GFP cells. Scale bars are 5 microns.

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