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Table 2 Summary of genes with enriched transcripts in unc-4:: GFP neurons. Genes are organized into categories according to molecular function (KOG or other description Gene families or functional groups with potential functions in neurons are emphasized in this list. Statistical rank is indicated for each transcript.

From: A gene expression fingerprint of C. elegans embryonic motor neurons

Cosmid Name Common Name Rank KOG (Other description)
Axon Guidance and Outgrowth    
B0273.4a unc-5 934 Netrin transmembrane receptor unc-5
T19B4.7 unc-40 188 Receptor mediating netrin-dependent axon guidance
F41C6.1 unc-6 616 Netrin, axonal chemotropic factor
F56D1.4a clr-1 754 Protein tyrosine phosphatase
M79.1a abl-1 882 Protein tyrosine kinase
F09B9.2 unc-115 696 Actin-binding LIM Zn-finger protein Limatin involved in axon guidance
B0350.2 unc-44 449 Ankyrin
C01G10.11a unc-76 182 Kinesin-associated fasciculation and elongation protein involved in axonal transport
K10D3.2 unc-14 763 (RUN domain protein required for axonogenesis and sex myoblast migration)
Wingless Signaling    
K10B4.6 cwn-1 216 Wnt family of developmental regulators
Y71F9B.5a lin-17 899 Smoothened and related G-protein-coupled receptors (Frizzled Receptor)
Acetylcholine Receptor Subunits    
K11G12.2 acr-2 66 Acetylcholine receptor
R01E6.4 acr-12 292 Acetylcholine receptor
F21F3.5 unc-38 399 Acetylcholine receptor
T05C12.2 acr-14 782 Acetylcholine receptor
Y110A7A.3 unc-63 800 Acetylcholine receptor
F21A3.7   212 Acetylcholine receptor
Y105E8A.7 lev-10 323 Cubilin, multiligand receptor mediating cobalamin absorption
T14A8.1 ric-3 237 Unnamed protein (Required for nAChR assembly/trafficking)
Ligand-gated Ion Channel    
ZC196.7 glr-5 792 Glutamate-gated kainate-type ion channel receptor subunit GluR5 and related subunits
T27E9.9   41 Ligand-gated ion channel (glycine/GABA)
Y71D11A.5   502 Ligand-gated ion channel (glycine/GABA)
Y46G5A.30 snf-5 686 Sodium-neurotransmitter symporter
C09E8.1a   578 Sodium-neurotransmitter symporter
M01D7.7a egl-30 124 G protein subunit Galphaq/Galphay, small G protein superfamily
F08B6.2 gpc-2 469 G protein gamma subunit
F56H9.4 gpa-9 638 G-protein alpha subunit (small G protein superfamily)
G-protein Pathway Components    
F28C1.2 egl-10 872 G protein signaling regulators
C05B5.7 rgs-1 486 G protein signaling regulators
F17C8.1 acy-1 884 Adenylyl cyclase
R07E4.6 kin-2 467 cAMP-dependent protein kinase types I and II, regulatory subunit
C17F4.6 gcy-19 213 Natriuretic peptide receptor, guanylate cyclase
C50H2.2 egl-47 432 (Gαo coupled receptor)
F57F5.5 pkc-1 747 Serine/threonine protein kinase
F39B2.8   928 Predicted membrane protein
C24A8.4   1010 STE20-like serine/threonine kinase MST
W07E11.3 flp-2 31 Unnamed protein (FMRF-like peptide)
C18D1.3 flp-4 691 (FMRF-like peptide)
C03G5.7 flp-5 562 (FMRF-like peptide)
F33D4.3 flp-13 15 Unnamed protein (FMRF-like peptide)
E03D2.2 nlp-9 234 Unnamed protein (Neuropeptide-like protein)
CC4.2 nlp-15 165 Unnamed protein (Neuropeptide-like protein)
Y47D3B.2a nlp-21 254 Unnamed protein (Neuropeptide-like protein)
F13B12.5 ins-1 200 (Insulin-like peptide)
T28B8.2 ins-18 767 Unnamed protein (Insulin-like peptide)
F56A11.5   928 Uncharacterized Fe-S protein
Neuropeptide Processing and Secretion    
T03D8.3   613 Proprotein convertase (PC) 2 chaperone involved in secretion (neuroendocrine protein 7B2)
C32E8.7 ric-19 20 Secretory vesicle-associated protein ICA69, contains Arfaptin domain
ZK897.1 unc-31 588 Ca2+-dependent activator protein
Neuropeptide Receptor    
T05A1.1 npr-2 362 7 transmembrane receptor (neuropeptide receptor family)
F59D12.1   797 7 transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin-like GPCR)
T07D4.1   77 7 transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin-like GPCR)
Y62E10A.4   275 7-transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin-like GPCR)
K07E8.5   452 Unnamed protein (FMRF receptor)
C35A11.1   814 Unnamed protein (rhodopsin-like GPCR)
ZC84.4   708 7 transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin-like GPCR)
F56B6.5 uvt-6 629 7 transmembrane receptor (somatostatin receptor)
F56A11.5   928 Uncharacterized Fe-S protein (Neuropeptide receptor activity)