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Table 1 Fungal hits found by homology search using TbDHN1 as query sequence. Blast searches were conducted with TbDHN1 nucleotide and amino acid sequences against a local database including records from the NCBI non-redundant, the Swiss-Protein and the Broad Institute fungal databases. All records are intended to be NCBI Protein Database entries, with exception of SNU00161 (The Broad Institute Accession Number) and Q7S6B0 (Swiss Protein Database Accession Number).

From: A dehydration-inducible gene in the truffle Tuber borchii identifies a novel group of dehydrins

Accession number Biological role organism Identities (%) E-value Sequence found by
SNU00161 predicted protein Stagonospora nodorum 41 6e-50 blastp
EAA70367 hypothetical protein FG10051 Gibberella zeae 40 4e-47 blastx
CAD70810 putative protein Neurospora crassa 39 9e-44 blastx
EAA55454 hypothetical protein MG09261.4 Magnaporthe grisea 35 7e-39 blastx
EAA62484 hypothetical protein AN5324.2 Aspergillus nidulans 37 1e-37 blastx
EAL89059 conserved hypothetical protein Aspergillus fumigatus 31 3e-35 blastx
EAL84332 conserved hypothetical protein Aspergillus fumigatus 38 2e-27 blastx
EAK94850 DHN6* Candida albicans 32 5e-21 blastx
EAK94909 DHN* Candida albicans 39 8e-21 blastx
EAA54716 hypothetical protein MG05507.4 Magnaporthe grisea 28 1e-17 blastx
EAL87020 hypothetical protein Afu7g04520 Aspergillus fumigatus 28 2e-16 blastx
Q7S6B0 Predicted protein Neurospora crassa 26 0.009 blastp
  1. *Putative identifications provided by automatical annotation of C. albicans genome.