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Table 4 Summary of the predicted disorder rates in influenza viral protein.

From: Protein intrinsic disorder toolbox for comparative analysis of viral proteins

Protein Accessions %VLXT(VL3)a Method
HA1 (H1) 1ruz.pdb, Subunit H 12 (0) X-ray
HA2 (H1) 1ruz.pdb, Subunit:I 12 (0)  
HA1 (H3) 1mqn.pdb, Subunit: A 25 (0) X-ray
HA2 (H3) 1mqn.pdb Subunit: B 19 (2)  
NA (N1) 2hu0.pdb,/Sunit: S 8 (0) X-ray
M1 1ea3.pdb, Subunit: A 25 (0) X-ray
NS1 1xeq.pdb, Subunit: A 69 (63) X-ray
NS2 1pd3.pdb, Subunit: A 60 (23) X-ray
PB1 2hn8.pdb, Subunit: A 47 (NA) NMR
NP 2iqh.pdb, Subunit: A 44 (0) X-ray
  1. aThe percentage of residues that are predicted ordered by VLXT. The parenthesized values are those in VL3.