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Table 1 Output statistics of transcriptome sequencing

From: RNA-seq reveals differentially expressed genes of rice (Oryza sativa) spikelet in response to temperature interacting with nitrogen at meiosis stage

Total raw reads 61,733,120
Total clean reads 52,553,536
Total clean nucleotides (bp) 4,729,818,240
Q20 percentage 96.13 %
GC percentage 54.24 %
Total number of contigs 101,597
Total length of contigs (bp) 38,431,726
Mean length of contigs (bp) 378
N50 of contigs (bp) 708
Total number of unigenes (bp) 72,667
Total length of unigenes (bp) 39,029,083
Mean length of unigenes (bp) 537
N50 of unigenes (bp) 747