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Fig. 4

From: Transcriptional profiling of Klebsiella pneumoniae defines signatures for planktonic, sessile and biofilm-dispersed cells

Fig. 4

Relative expression levels of the different signature genes in their respective condition. a Z-score values of the selected signature genes were calculated using average values from normalized DESeq counts and plotted against a heatmap. b Boxplot of the relative expression levels of each signature gene were compared with those in exponential planktonic condition, except for the exponential planktonic condition, which was compared with the stationary planktonic condition; * represents the normalized expression value for the reference condition. (E.P: exponential planktonic; S.P: stationary planktonic; 7 h-B: 7 h-old biofilm; 13 h-B: 13 h-old biofilm; B.D: biofilm-dispersed)

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