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Table 3 Major syntenic chromosomes among watermelon, cucumber and melon

From: Genome wide characterization of simple sequence repeats in watermelon genome and their application in comparative mapping and genetic diversity analysis

Watermelon Cucumber Melon
W1 C1(14), C5(35), C6(60) VIII(69), IX(31), XII(20)
W2 C2(26), C4(3), C5(4), C6(22), C7(15) I(17), V(18), X(3), XI(42)
W3 C1(52), C5(3) II(15), IX(4), XII(38)
W4 C1(19), C4(17), C6(10) VIII(23), XII(15)
W5 C3(67), C4(13), C5(33) IV(13), VI(58), VII(11), X(28)
W6 C1(45), C2(11), C6(29) II(41), V(12), XI(35)
W7 C3(12), C4(28), C5(13) I(5), IV(14), VII(32)
W8 C2(33), C5(4), C6(28) III(57)
W9 C3(9), C5(11), C6(4), C7(48) I(44), IV(6), IX(14), V(3)
W10 C3(86), C4(5) IV(47), VI(35), VII(4)
W11 C2(11), C3(8), C4(13), C5(12), C6(6) III(7), IV(6), V(19), VII(17), IX(5), X(11)
  1. The number in the bracket means the shared SSR markers on these chromosomes in melon and cucumber. The syntenic chromosomes with less than three shared markerswere not listed here