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Table 3 Number and diversity of simple sequences repeats (SSRs) in Galgal4

From: Deep landscape update of dispersed and tandem repeats in the genome model of the red jungle fowl, Gallus gallus, using a series of de novo investigating tools

SSRs type Number of arrays Number of different repeated unitsa % coverage in galGal4
Simple Repeat (stretches of A or T, and C or G)b 204434 2 PolyA : 0.355
PolyC : 0.022
Microsatellite [2–10] bpb, c 770202 2101 2.189
Minisatellite [11–60]bpb, c 12310 123 1.273
Tandem arrays [>60] bpd Large tandem repeats 6 6 0.003
Satellite DNAs 10136 9987 0.238
  1. athe threshold used to gather two repeated unit is a sequence similarity of 100 %; bthe minimal size for an array is 50 repeated units; cbetween brackets are indicated the size of the repeated unit of each SSR type; dthe minimal size for an array is 2 to 50 repeated units of large tandem repeats et 51 to ∞ for a satellite DNA