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Table 2 De novo sequencing of ions of the P4-MEC fraction after controlled trypsinolysisa

From: Computer aided identification of a Hevein-like antimicrobial peptide of bell pepper leaves for biotechnological use

Ion (m/z)b Sequence Modificationsc
1593 36 LCCSQFGFCGTTR 48 Alkylated Cys
1502 31 VCANRLCCSQFGFCGTTR 48 Alkylated Cys and R48 partially degraded
1290 49 EYCGAGCQSNCR 60 Not-alkylated Cys
1461 49 EYCGAGCQSNCR 60 Alkylated Cys
  1. aTrypsinolysis was developed by 6, 12, 24, and 36 h in P4-MEC fraction and the ions were analyzed by mass spectrometry
  2. bAll ions were detected in all MS2 spectra for all trypsinolysis times
  3. cThe mass-value of 57.05 Da is added in the alkylation event for each sulfhydryl group of the cysteine residue