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Table 2 Top 10 enriched GO terms for the target genes

From: Deep Illumina sequencing reveals conserved and novel microRNAs in grass carp in response to grass carp reovirus infection

GO ID GO terms Number of genes Corrected P value
GO:0042060 Wound healing 31 1.02E-08
GO:0050878 Regulation of body fluid levels 30 3.24E-08
GO:0007596 Blood coagulation 29 2.77E-09
GO:0007599 Hemostasis 29 2.39E-09
GO:0050817 Coagulation 29 2.75E-09
GO:0019725 Cellular homeostasis 28 8.54E-08
GO:0032101 Regulation of response to external stimulus 28 2.22E-08
GO:0006954 Inflammatory response 27 5.36E-08
GO:0072562 Blood microparticle 24 3.67E-16
GO:0055082 Cellular chemical homeostasis 23 2.92E-06