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Fig. 3

From: NucTools: analysis of chromatin feature occupancy profiles from high-throughput sequencing data

Fig. 3

Different representation of nucleosome occupancy profiles at an individual genomic region (promoter of gene Golga1). 100-bp window averaging was performed using script for five experiments in ESCs reported by Voong et al. [24] (denoted ESC 1), West et al. [94] (denoted ESC 2 and ESC 3) and Zhang et al. [95] (denoted ESC 4 and ESC 5) and two experiments in MEFs from our previous publication [84] denoted MEF 1 and MEF 2. a A genome browser-style representation of all nucleosome occupancy tracks. b All ESC tracks superimposed. c All MEF tracks superimposed. d, e The average profiles calculated correspondingly over all ESC and all MEF experiments using script The grey and light red areas show the standard deviation. f The averaged ESC and MEF profiles are superimposed on the same figure. An exemplary genomic region where the difference between the two profiles is significant is indicated by the blue rectangle

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