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Table 6 Names and geographical origin of loquat genotypes used in the study

From: Footprints of domestication revealed by RAD-tag resequencing in loquat: SNP data reveals a non-significant domestication bottleneck and a single domestication event

Code Genotype Geographical origin
DWX_C Dawuxing Sichuan province, China
BY_C Baiyu Jiangsu province, China
YN_C Younan Guangdong province, China
SJPP_C Sijipipa Yunnan province, China
RTBS_C Ruantiao baisha Zhejiang province, China
ZZ6H_C Zaozhong No.6 Fujian province
Biano_C Biano Italy
MBC_C MBC America
MM_C Mogi Japan
Algeria_C Algeria Spain
TS_W Wild loquat Tongshan county, Hubei province
WF-W Wild loquat Wufeng county, Hubei province
BD_W Wild loquat Badong county, Hubei province
LC_W Wild loquat Lichuan county, Hubei province
MT_W Wild loquat Meitan county, Guizhou province
BJ_W Wild loquat Bijie county, Guizhou province
AL_W Wild loquat Anlong county, Guizhou province
SM_W Wild loquat Shimian county, Sichuan province
HZ_W Wild loquat Luding county, Sichuan province