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Table 4 The 25 most highly expressed genes in Mytilisepta virgata foot and representative significantly over-represented annotations by gene set enrichment analysis

From: The purplish bifurcate mussel Mytilisepta virgata gene expression atlas reveals a remarkable tissue functional specialization

Most expressed genes Over-represented annotations
Annotation TPM Term Class p-value
Byssal cuticle protein 45,262.97 Collagen triple helix repeat (20 copies) PFAM 0.00
Byssal cuticle protein 43,379.14 Serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity MF 0.00
Collagen-like protein 42,699.96 Negative regulation of coagulation BP 1.11E-16
Byssal cuticle protein 34,293.81 Common central domain of tyrosinase PFAM 3.33E-16
Collagen-like protein 33,886.43 Extracellular region CC 3.33E-16
Serine protease inhibitor 30,056.14 Negative regulation of endopeptidase activity BP 6.77E-15
Low complexity protein 26,250.15 Animal haem peroxidase PFAM 6.77E-14
Collagen-like protein 17,017.56 Kazal-type serine protease inhibitor domain PFAM 4.35E-12
YGH-rich protein-2 16,065.78 Peroxidase activity MF 5.69E-12
Collagen-like protein 15,351.63 Proteinaceous extracellular matrix CC 6.47E-12
Collagen-like protein 13,389.57 Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase PFAM 6.83E-10
Byssal cuticle protein 12,178.71 Collagen trimer CC 2.14E-8
Collagen-like protein 10,965.75 Response to oxidative stress BP 5.45E-8
Elongation factor 1 alpha 10,722.32 Regulation of keratinocyte differentiation BP 8.93E-8
Collagen-like protein 10,461.88 Hydrogen peroxide catabolic process BP 1.05E-7
YGH-rich protein-1 10,019.89 Transforming growth factor beta binding MF 1.63E-7
Precollagen NG 9810.75 Metal ion binding MF 8.77E-7
YGH-rich protein-1 8119.26 Extracellular space CC 9.20E-7
Serine protease inhibitor 7406.30 Heme binding MF 2.55E-6
Serine protease inhibitor 7362.32 Oxidoreductase activity MF 6.45E-6
Collagen-like protein 7349.68 WAP-type ‘four-disulfide core’ PFAM 1.01E-5
Collagen-like protein 7307.02 Quinone binding MF 1.26E-5
Unknown 7104.95 Human growth factor-like EGF PFAM 1.78E-5
Kazal-type serine proteinase inhibitor 7095.67 EGF-like domain PFAM 6.84E-5
Low complexity protein 6445.09 Kunitz/Bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor domain PFAM 7.62E-5
  1. See the complete list in Additional file 4
  2. TPM Transcript Per Million, PFAM Pfam conserved domains, BP Gene Ontology Biological Process, MF Gene Ontology Molecular Function, CC Gene Ontology Cellular Component