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Table 1 Genome information for Arabidopsis and five sequenced Rosaceae species

From: Genome-wide characterization, evolution, and expression analysis of the leucine-rich repeat receptor-like protein kinase (LRR-RLK) gene family in Rosaceae genomes

Species name Common name Release version* Gene number Gene ID
Arabidopsis thaliana Arabidopsis TAIR 10 27,416 AT-, At-
Fragaria vesca Strawberry GDR, v1.1 34,809 mrna-, Fve-
Malus domestica Apple GDR, v1.0 primary 30,294 MDP-, Mdo-
Pyrus bretschneideri Chinese white pear NJAU, v1.0 42,812 Pbr-
Prunus mume Mei BJFU, v1.0 31,390 Pm-, Pmu-
Prunus persica Peach JGI, v1.0 27,852 ppa-, Ppe-
  1. * TAIR The Arabidopsis Information Resource, NJAU Nanjing Agricultural University, GDR Genome Database for Rosaceae, BJFU Beijing Forestry University, and JGI Joint Genome Institute