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Fig. 3

From: Temporally distinct transcriptional regulation of myocyte dedifferentiation and Myofiber growth during muscle regeneration

Fig. 3

GO enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes. Volcano plots of significantly perturbed GO terms of biological process (BP; a, b, c), cellular component (CC; d, e, f) and molecular function (MF; g, h, i) in CON vs H9 (a, d, g), CON vs H18 (b, e, h), and H9 vs. H18 (c, f, i) comparisons. Gene set expression change (x-axis) of DEG mapped to GO term is a normalized enrichment score based on comparisons between different time points and relative to the entire DEG gene set. Significantly downregulated terms are shown in green and significantly upregulated terms  are shown in red. Cutoff for significance was q < 0.1 according to default values and parameters of the R package “gage” v2.22.0. Distribution of DEG of the terms in the CON vs H9 (j), CON vs H18 (k), and H9 vs. H18 (l) comparisons

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