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Table 1 Functional enrichment of sRNAs and coding genes coevolution groups

From: Unraveling the evolution and coevolution of small regulatory RNAs and coding genes in Listeria

Functional category P value
Amino acid transport and metabolism 0.9055
Carbohydrate transport and metabolism 0.2202
Cell wall/membrane biogenesis 0.0131*
Energy production and conversion 0.8563
Replication, recombination and repair 0.8610
Secondary metabolites biosynthesis, transport and catabolism 0.5206
Signal transduction mechanisms 0.3669
Transcription 0.2648
  1. This table contains p-values obtained with Fisher tests to measure a potential enrichment of a COG functional category in coding genes found to co-evolve with sRNAs (Additional file 4: Table S4). The * indicates a significant (under 0.05) p-value for genes of the category Cell Wall/membrane biogenesis