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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: The insect pathogenic bacterium Xenorhabdus innexi has attenuated virulence in multiple insect model hosts yet encodes a potent mosquitocidal toxin

  Relevant characteristics Source/Reference
 HGB800 Xenorhabdus nematophila isolated from Steinernema carpocapsae All nematodes ATCC19061
 HGB1053 Xenorhabdus bovienii SS-2004 [119]
 HGB1681 Xenorhabdus innexi isolated from Steinernema scapterisci nematodes from Grover Smart. Also called Xenorhabdus MT, deposited to ATCC in 2005. G.C. Smart Jr. University of Florida; ATCC PTA-6826
 HGB1997 Xenorhabdus innexi isolated in 2013 from Steinernema scapterisci nematodes obtained from Becker-Underwood This study
 HGB2171 HGB1681 attTn7/Tn7-GFP (from pURR25) This study
 HGB2172 HGB1997 attTn7/Tn7-GFP (from pURR25) This study
 HGB283 Escherichia coli S17–1 lambda pir pUX-BF13 [107]
 HGB1262 Escherichia coli BW29427 pURR25, mini Tn7KS-GFP B. Lies and D. Newman [108]
 TOP10 E. coli strain for general cloning Thermo
 pBluescript II SK (−) General cloning Stratagene
 pKanWOR pBluescript KS+ with Km cassette (1 kb) in BamHI site H. Goodrich-Blair
 pCR-Blunt II-TOPO General cloning vector, Kanr Thermo
 pBlueXIS1_460109Up XIS1_460109Up inserted in pBluescript SK- This study
 pBlueXIS1_460109UpDn XIS1_460109Dn inserted in pBlueXIS1_460109Up This study
 pBlueXIS1_460109UpKanDn Kan cassette from pKanWOR inserted in pBlueXIS1_460109UpDn This study
 pBlueXIS1_460115Up XIS1_460115Up inserted in pBluescript SK- This study
 pBlueXIS1_460115UpDn XIS1_460115Dn inserted in pBlueXIS1_460115Up This study
 pBlueXIS1_460115UpKanDn Kan cassette from pKanWOR inserted in pBlueXIS1_460115UpDn This study
 pKR100 oriR6K suicide vector, Cmr H. Goodrich-Blair
 pKRXIS1_460109 XIS1_460109UpKanDn inserted in pKR100 This study
 pKRXIS1_460115 XIS1_460115UpKanDn inserted in pKR100 This study