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Table 1 Differentially methylated regions in opposite directions overlapping the same genes

From: Genome-wide methylation is modified by caloric restriction in Daphnia magna

Gene Genomic Position DMR Length of DMR Condition in CR Number of sites Corrected P-value Exon Strand
Dapma7bEVm000710 scaffold02569: 76199–79,126 76,729–77,106 377 hypo 16 0.0007575 2 of 8 +
Dapma7bEVm000710 scaffold02569: 76199–79,126 77,694–77,926 232 hyper 5 0.001717 6 of 8 +
Dapma7bEVm003762 scaffold01005: 527546–535,133 534,741–534,857 116 hypo 9 0.009821 2 of 6
Dapma7bEVm003762 scaffold01005: 527546–535,133 534,106–534,213 106 hyper 4 0.006839 4 of 6
  1. Gene: gene name, Genomic Position: gene coordinates, DMR: coordinates of the differentially methylated region, Length of DMR: length in bp, Number of site: number of methylated CpGs in region, Corrected P-value: FDR corrected p-value for that DMR from comb-p analysis, Exon: which exon of the gene DMR occurs in followed by number of exons for that gene, Strand: which genomic strand the gene occurs on