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Table 2 Gene ontology functional enrichment of DMRs

From: Genome-wide methylation is modified by caloric restriction in Daphnia magna

GO ID GO term Ancestors Direction CpG 0 CpG 3 All
Biological process
 GO:0032259 methylation 2 Hypo Yes Yes Yes
Molecular function
 GO:0003995 acyl-CoA dehydrogenase activity 4 Hypo Yes Yes Yes
  1. Table lists all significant terms identified in the Biological Process and Molecular Function categories with the ‘weight01’ algorithm, which accounts for GO term hierarchy. Genes of interest were tested against all genes, genes containing at least one methylated CpG and genes containing at least 3 methylated CpGs as per the DMR filtering of greater than 0 and 3 CpGs