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Table 2 Compilation of genes/proteins of potential symbiotic significance discussed in Search for symbiosis-specific genes I, II, and III sections

From: The lichen symbiosis re-viewed through the genomes of Cladonia grayi and its algal partner Asterochloris glomerata

Fungus: Cladonia grayi
 Gene groups induced in coculture Small secreted proteins / Transcription / Cell wall turnover / Protein turnover / Metabolism / Membrane transport / Defense / Extracellular hydrolases
 Selected examples Polyol transporter / Ammonium transporter / Calcium channel inhibitor / lectins / DNA methyltransferase /
Gα, RGS protein, dual specificity phosphatase
 Expanded protein families HET domain / Ank domain / Met permeases / Unknown transmembrane proteins / Fructosamine kinases / Polyketide synthases / Signal transduction components / Stress-related TFs
 Contracted protein families Transportome: Carbohydrate transporters / Major Facilitator Superfamily (MFS) / ATP Binding Cassette (ABC) superfamily / Aminoacid-Polyamine organo Cation (APC) family / Oligopeptide Transporter (OPT) family / Proton-dependent Oligopeptide Transporter (POT) family
 Slow evolvers Proteostasis maintenance / Aldehyde dehydrogenases / Major Facilitator Superfamily (MFS)
 Selected examples Mechanosensitive calcium channel / Sugar transporters
 Fast evolvers Signal transduction / Membrane trafficking / Stress protection
 Selected examples Superoxide dismutase / Trehalose synthase
Alga: Asterochloris glomerata
 Gene groups induced in co-culture Secreted proteins / Transcription / Cell wall turnover / Protein turnover - ubiquitin / DNA processes / Signal transduction / Protein trafficking / Flagellum synthesis
 Selected examples Thioredoxin / Kinesin / Fasciclin domain proteins / Mechanosensitive calcium channel
 Expanded/new protein families Fam_16: DNA binding-recombination proteins / Kinases / Carbohydrate active enzymes (CAZ) / Ank domain proteins / Archaeal ATPases / Desiccation-Related-Proteins / Magnesium transporters / Signal transduction components / Stress-related TFs
 Contracted protein families Nitrate assimilation
 Slow evolvers Two kinases and one clathrin vesicle adaptor
 Fast evolvers Seven diverse proteins