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Fig. 3

From: What determines host specificity in hyperspecialized plant parasitic nematodes?

Fig. 3

Expression of genes putatively associated with host preference in potato cyst nematodes. Change in the expression of selected effector genes after exposure to potato root diffusate in (A) potato cyst nematodes (PCN) species, G. rostochiensis and G. pallida, (B) non-PCN species, G. tabacum and G. mexicana or (C) PCN species exposed to tomato root diffusate. Expression was assessed by qRT-PCR and normalized using a set of reference genes (aaRS, PMP-3, and GR). The expression level of G. rostochiensis exposed to potato root diffusate was used as the calibrator for relative expression calculation. A default value of − 15 was assigned to samples without detectable expression. Error bars represent the standard error of the mean of each group, and significant differences are indicated by an asterisk (*) (Tukey’s test)

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