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Table 3 Sniffles analysis of structural variation between Zinfandel parental haplotypes and between Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon

From: The genomic diversification of grapevine clones

 Zinfandel SV relative to Zinfandel primary assemblyCabernet Sauvignon SV relative to Zinfandel primary (P) assembly and haplotigs (H)
 Median Size (bp)CountGenesTotal SV size (Mb)% Primary assemblyMedian Size (bp)CountGenesTotal SV size (Mb)% genome (P + H)
Deletions20312,031252126,953,5584.56196P: 34,259676187,430,7369.74
H: 12,104245827,582,2753.07
Duplications19665535357,604,0411.295518P: 2264278741,289,4184.60
H: 6204997,445,6350.83
Insertions92964720815,594,2590.9588P: 28,825370819,869,9582.21
H: 858215174,000,8330.45
Inversions35921113915,521,2140.936037P: 517130518,814,2932.10
H: 901351,862,6570.21
Duplicated Insertions3853268610.0012339P: 6042,6980.0048
H: 3212230.0001
Inverted Duplications113541112,9300.0022293P: 51932,2830.0036
H: 14395340.0011