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Table 2 Characteristics of patients and M. bovis BCG-1 (Russia) clinical isolates

From: First insight into the whole-genome sequence variations in Mycobacterium bovis BCG-1 (Russia) vaccine seed lots and their progeny clinical isolates from children with BCG-induced adverse events

Patient ID/sexa Date of birthb Region of birth Vaccination Vaccine lot number used for inoculation Vaccine manufacturer Vaccine seed lot Diagnosisc Age of surgical interventiond Date of surgical interventionh Clinical isolate NCBI SRA accession No
1/f 05/2017 St. Petersburg delayed e 411 Medgamal f 368 “shch” A18.2 7 m 01/2018 577 SRR9593177
2/m 06/2016 Dagestan at birth 537 Microgen g 368 “shch” A18.0 1y8m 02/2018 1032 SRR9593172
3/m 07/2006 Moscow at birth 621 Medgamal 361 “sh” A18.0 9 m 04/2007 1986 SRR9593171
4/f 03/2002 St. Petersburg at birth 281 Medgamal 361 “sh” A18.0 14y 04/2016 2925 SRR9593170
5/f 07/2004 Ekaterinburg at birth 25 Microgen 367 “sh” A18.0 2y10m 05/2007 3363 SRR9593169
6/f 12/2004 St. Petersburg at birth 437 Medgamal 361 “sh” A18.0 2y6m 06/2007 4159 SRR9593168
7/m 04/2006 St. Petersburg at birth 615 Medgamal 361 “sh” A18.0 1y5m 09/2007 5075 SRR9593175
8/m 12/2004 St. Petersburg at birth 725 Medgamal 361 “sh” A18.0 4y9 m 09/2009 5340 SRR9593174
9/m 06/2005 Kabardino-Balkaria at birth 567 Medgamal 361 “sh” A18.0 1y3m 09/2006 5448 SRR9593173
  1. af female, m male; bmonth/year; cdiagnosis according to International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10): Tuberculosis of bones and joints (A18.0), A18.2 (Tuberculosis peripheral lymphadenopathy) [International statistical classification of diseases and related health problems. - 10th revision, edition 2010]; dy year, m month; edelayed for 4 months due to respiratory infection; fBranch “Medgamal,” Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Honorary Academician N.F. Gamalei”, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Russia; gScientific and Production Association for Immunobiological Preparations “Microgen,” Russia; hmonth/year