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Table 3 Genes within the strong associated SNPs region

From: Identification of miRNA-eQTLs in maize mature leaf by GWAS

miRNA SNP p-value Chra Gene ID Maize annotation Arabidopsis hit Arabidopsis orthology Rice hit Rice orthology
miR156k-5p S6_95875558 3.45E-09 6 GRMZM2G049730 hagtf27-GNAT-transcription factor 27 AT4G37580.1 NAT superfamily protein LOC_Os06g44100.1 HLS putative
S6_96005268 4.01E-10 6 GRMZM2G014119 ubi3-ubiquitin3 AT1G31340.1 related to ubiquitin 1 LOC_Os09g25320.1 ubiquitin family protein
S6_96007934 1.25E-07 6 GRMZM2G326734 NON NON   LOC_Os06g44060.1 phospholipase D. Active site motif family
S6_96096148 6.49E-11 6 GRMZM2G171317 dmag1 - DNA-3-methyladenine glycosylase1 AT5G57970.1 DNA glycosylase superfamily protein LOC_Os06g44050.1 methyladenine glycosylase
S6_96103728 2.93E-11 6 GRMZM2G171328 NON AG5G54830.1 DOMON domain / dopamine beta-monooxygenase N-terminal LOC_Os06g44040.1 DOMON domain
S6_96289445 2.81E-10 6 GRMZM5G806818 NON NON NON NON NON
S6_96349269 3.03E-11 6 AC233936.1_FG003 NON AT5G25150.1 (TAF5) TBP-associated factor 5 LOC_Os06g44030.2 WD domain G-beta repeat domain
S6_96352871 4.94E-11 6 AC208711.3_FG005 NON NON   LOC_Os08g09890.1 Expressed protein
miR390a-5p S5_2799777 2.083259e-10 5 GRMZM2G108694 NON AT2G47430.1 (CKI1) Signal transduction histidine kinase LOC_Os06g08450.1 histidine kinase putative expressed
miR396e-5p S5_214385721 1.69E-10 5 GRMZM2G027282 NON AT3G05530.1 (ATS6A.2, RPT5A) regulatory particle triple-A ATPase 5A LOC_Os06g07630.1 26S protease regulatory subunit 6A
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