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Table 4 Expression trend between miRNA and its target genes

From: Identification of miRNA-eQTLs in maize mature leaf by GWAS

Associated miRNA SNP type miRNA expression level p-value Target gene Target gene expression level p-value Target region Trend
miR156k-5p A low 7.1e-09 sbp29 high 0.018 3’UTR Negative
G high low
miR390a-5p G high 6.3e-0.7 GRMZM5G806469 low 0.088 3’UTR Negative
T low high
miR159a-3p A low 1.1e-0.5 myb122 low 0.05 CDS Positive
C high high
miR396e-5p C high 0.00046 GRMZM2G478709 high 0.026 CDS Positive
T low low
grftf9 high 0.024
grf5 high 0.01