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Table 4 Fungal symbiosis-related genes predicted to be related to establishment of the symbiotic interface

From: In vitro resynthesis of lichenization reveals the genetic background of symbiosis-specific fungal-algal interaction in Usnea hakonensis

Symbiont Gene ID Corrected p-value Predicted function Category
   Resynthesized natural   
Fungus Uhk_002614 5.22e-06 2.43e-126 glycosyltransferase family 2 cell wall organization
Fungus Uhk_005214 6.46e-10 6.40e-31 1,3-beta glucanase cell wall organization
Fungus Uhk_007999 2.34e-45 4.36e-07 glycoside hydrolase family 2 protein cell wall organization
Fungus Uhk_019559 2.70e-79 3.34e-25 glycoside hydrolase family 12 protein cell wall organization
Fungus Uhk_021074 2.10e-27 1.42e-71 carbohydrate-binding module 32 cell wall organization
Fungus Uhk_016581 1.60e-102 2.32e-182 hydrophobin
Fungus Uhk_003277 3.30e-69 1.32e-24 similar to sphinganine hydroxylase Sur2 lipid metabolism
Fungus Uhk_017380 1.76e-15 2.71e-39 phosphatidylserine decarboxylase lipid metabolism
Fungus Uhk_017885 2.98e-11 1.45e-05 phosphatidylserine decarboxylase proenzyme 3 lipid metabolism
Fungus Uhk_003579 1.59e-11 1.41e-15 Lip3 precursor lipid metabolism
Fungus Uhk_013145 2.20e-05 3.85e-42 lipase 2 lipid metabolism
Fungus Uhk_008459 5.40e-06 8.20e-16 carboxylesterase type B lipid metabolism
Fungus Uhk_016999 4.54e-05 1.79e-20 reducing polyketide synthase secondary metabolism