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Table 1 Network topology

From: The tapeworm interactome: inferring confidence scored protein-protein interactions from the proteome of Hymenolepis microstoma

 H. sapiensS. cerevisiaeC. elegansHm_net
Protein (all)17001588331943474
Interactions (all)27600284277557220684
Connected components1119626
Proteins (LC)16980588329693408
Interactions (LC)27599184277544220640
Proteome coverage (%)*56.589.514.733.6
Largest hub*TRIM25NAB2gei-4Cullin 3
Clustering coefficient*0.1080.2750.0360.126
Characteristic path length*3.0822.4834.8023.837
Mean number of interactions*32.50828.6513.66612.113
  1. The network and topological statistics of the of Hm_net in comparison to single species networks. Topological statistics (*) are calculated for the largest component (LC) only