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Table 2 Direct pyrethroid interactors upregulated at night. Transcript ID, Gene Name, Adjusted p-value and absolute Fold Change of transcripts that directly interact with insecticides showing enrichment at 11 pm compared to 11 am (downregulation at 11 am compared to 11 pm as shown above)

From: Transcriptomic analysis reveals pronounced changes in gene expression due to sub-lethal pyrethroid exposure and ageing in insecticide resistance Anopheles coluzzii

Transcript ID Gene Name Adjusted p-value Fold Change
AGAP000818-RA CYP9K1 0.007 0.543
AGAP002865-RA CYP6P3 0.004 0.400
AGAP002867-RA CYP6P4 0.026 0.531
AGAP008052-RA SAP2 0.018 0.473
AGAP008212-RA CYP6M2 0.012 0.448
AGAP008219-RA CYP6Z1 0.024 0.614