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Table 1 The gene composition of S. albonervius chloroplast genome, "a" labeled genes have intron

From: Newly reported chloroplast genome of Sinosenecio albonervius Y. Liu & Q. E. Yang and comparative analyses with other Sinosenecio species

Group of genes Name of genes
ATP synthase atpA, atpB, atpE, atpFa, atpH, atpI
Photosystem II psbA, psbB, psbC, psbD, psbE, psbF, psbH, psbI, psbJ, psbK, psbL, psbM, psbT, psbZ
NADPH dehydrogenase ndhAa, ndhBa, ndhC, ndhD, ndhE, ndhF, ndhG, ndhH, ndhI, ndhJ, ndhK
Cytochrome b/f compelx petA, petBa, petDa, petG, petL, petN
C-type cytochrome synthesis ccsA
Photosystem I psaA, psaB, psaC, psaI, psaJ
Photosystem biogenesis factor pbf1
Large subunit of rubisco rbcL
Small ribosomal units rps11, rps12a, rps14, rps15, rps16a, rps18, rps19, rps2, rps3, rps4, rps7, rps8
Large ribosomal units rpl14, rpl16a, rpl2a, rpl20, rpl22, rpl23, rpl32, rpl33, rpl36
RNA polymerase sub-units rpoA, rpoB, rpoC1a, rpoC2
Translation initiation factor infA
Ribosomal RNA rrn16s, rrn23s, rrn5s, rrn4.5 s
Transfer RNA trnA-UGCa, trnC-GCA, trnD-GUC, trnE-UUC, trnF-GAA, trnG-GCC, trnG-UCCa, trnH-GUG, trnI-CAU, trnI-GAUa, trnK-UUUa, trnL-CAA, trnL-UAAa, trnL-UAG, trnM-CAU, trnN-GUU, trnP-UGG, trnQ-UUG, trnR-ACG, trnR-UCU, trnS-GCU, trnS-GGA, trnS-UGA, trnT-GGU, trnT-UGU, trnV-GAC, trnV-UACa, trnW-CCA, trnY-GUA, trnfM-CAU
Acetyl-CoA-carboxylase sub-unit accD
Envelope membrane protein cemA
Protease clpPa
Maturase matK
Hypothetical genes reading frames ycf1, ycf2, ycf3a, ycf15, ycf4