Volume 11 Supplement 2

The 2009 International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (BioComp 2009)


Edited by Hamid R Arabnia, Mary Qu Yang, Ruzena Bajcsy, Andrzej Niemierko, Brian D Athey, Weizhong Li and A Keith Dunker

The 2009 International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (BioComp 2009). Go to conference site.

Las Vegas, NV, USA

13-16 July 2009

  1. Research

    Inferring gene regulatory networks from asynchronous microarray data with AIRnet

    Modern approaches to treating genetic disorders, cancers and even epidemics rely on a detailed understanding of the underlying gene signaling network. Previous work has used time series microarray data to infe...

    David Oviatt, Mark Clement, Quinn Snell, Kenneth Sundberg, Chun Wan J Lai, Jared Allen and Randall Roper

    BMC Genomics 2010 11(Suppl 2):S6

    Published on: 2 November 2010

  2. Research

    Speckle reducing bilateral filter for cattle follicle segmentation

    Ultrasound imaging technology has wide applications in cattle reproduction and has been used to monitor individual follicles and determine the patterns of follicular development. However, the speckles in ultra...

    Jinshan Tang, Shengwen Guo, Qingling Sun, Youping Deng and Dongfeng Zhou

    BMC Genomics 2010 11(Suppl 2):S9

    Published on: 2 November 2010

  3. Research

    Predicting gene function using few positive examples and unlabeled ones

    A large amount of functional genomic data have provided enough knowledge in predicting gene function computationally, which uses known functional annotations and relationship between unknown genes and known on...

    Yiming Chen, Zhoujun Li, Xiaofeng Wang, Jiali Feng and Xiaohua Hu

    BMC Genomics 2010 11(Suppl 2):S11

    Published on: 2 November 2010

  4. Research

    Analysis of long branch extraction and long branch shortening

    Long branch attraction (LBA) is a problem that afflicts both the parsimony and maximum likelihood phylogenetic analysis techniques. Research has shown that parsimony is particularly vulnerable to inferring the...

    Timothy O’Connor, Kenneth Sundberg, Hyrum Carroll, Mark Clement and Quinn Snell

    BMC Genomics 2010 11(Suppl 2):S14

    Published on: 2 November 2010

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