Volume 16 Supplement 13

Selected articles from the 7th International Young Scientists School


Edited by Ancha V Baranova and Yuriy L Orlov

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The 7th International Young Scientists School . Go to conference site.

Novosibirsk, Russia

22-25 June 2015

  1. Research

    Prediction of tissue-specific effects of gene knockout on apoptosis in different anatomical structures of human brain

    An important issue in the target identification for the drug design is the tissue-specific effect of inhibition of target genes. The task of assessing the tissue-specific effect in suppressing gene activity is...

    Evgeny D Petrovskiy, Olga V Saik, Evgeny S Tiys, Inna N Lavrik, Nikolay A Kolchanov and Vladimir A Ivanisenko

    BMC Genomics 2015 16(Suppl 13):S3

    Published on: 16 December 2015

  2. Research

    The evolution of Homo sapiens denisova and Homo sapiens neanderthalensis miRNA targeting genes in the prenatal and postnatal brain

    As the evolution of miRNA genes has been found to be one of the important factors in formation of the modern type of man, we performed a comparative analysis of the evolution of miRNA genes in two archaic homi...

    Konstantin V Gunbin, Dmitry A Afonnikov, Nikolay A Kolchanov, Anatoly P Derevianko and Eugeny I Rogaev

    BMC Genomics 2015 16(Suppl 13):S4

    Published on: 16 December 2015

  3. Research

    Obesity-related known and candidate SNP markers can significantly change affinity of TATA-binding protein for human gene promoters

    Obesity affects quality of life and life expectancy and is associated with cardiovascular disorders, cancer, diabetes, reproductive disorders in women, prostate diseases in men, and congenital anomalies in chi...

    Olga V Arkova, Mikhail P Ponomarenko, Dmitry A Rasskazov, Irina A Drachkova, Tatjana V Arshinova, Petr M Ponomarenko, Ludmila K Savinkova and Nikolay A Kolchanov

    BMC Genomics 2015 16(Suppl 13):S5

    Published on: 16 December 2015

  4. Research

    Comparison of American mink embryonic stem and induced pluripotent stem cell transcriptomes

    Recently fibroblasts of many mammalian species have been reprogrammed to pluripotent state using overexpression of several transcription factors. This technology allows production of induced pluripotent stem (...

    Aleksei G Menzorov, Natalia M Matveeva, Marios N Markakis, Venyamin S Fishman, Knud Christensen, Anna A Khabarova, Inna E Pristyazhnyuk, Elena A Kizilova, Susanna Cirera, Razvan Anistoroaei and Oleg L Serov

    BMC Genomics 2015 16(Suppl 13):S6

    Published on: 16 December 2015

  5. Research

    A comparison of the transcriptome of Drosophila melanogaster in response to entomopathogenic fungus, ionizing radiation, starvation and cold shock

    The molecular mechanisms that determine the organism's response to a variety of doses and modalities of stress factors are not well understood.

    Alexey Moskalev, Svetlana Zhikrivetskaya, George Krasnov, Mikhail Shaposhnikov, Ekaterina Proshkina, Dmitry Borisoglebsky, Anton Danilov, Darya Peregudova, Irina Sharapova, Eugenia Dobrovolskaya, Ilya Solovev, Nadezhda Zemskaya, Lyubov Shilova, Anastasia Snezhkina and Anna Kudryavtseva

    BMC Genomics 2015 16(Suppl 13):S8

    Published on: 16 December 2015

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