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  1. Larval settlement and metamorphosis represent critical events in the life history of marine benthic animals. Myoinhibitory peptide (MIP) plays a pivotal role in larval settlement of marine invertebrates. Howev...

    Authors: Zhi Yang, Long Zhang, Wenqing Zhang, Xinhua Tian, Wenyuan Lai, Dawei Lin, Yuxin Feng, Wenwen Jiang, Zhengrui Zhang and Zhifeng Zhang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:337
  2. The Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, is a global invasive species, notorious for its role in transmitting dangerous human arboviruses such as dengue and Chikungunya. Although hematophagous behavior is repu...

    Authors: Yuhua Deng, Shuyi Ren, Qiong Liu, Dan Zhou, Caimei Zhong, Yabin Jin, Lihua Xie, Jinbao Gu and Chuanle Xiao
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:336
  3. Mimosa bimucronata originates from tropical America and exhibits distinctive leaf movement characterized by a relative slow speed. Additionally, this species possesses the ability to fix nitrogen. Despite these i...

    Authors: Haifeng Jia, Jishan Lin, Zhicong Lin, Yibin Wang, Liangwei Xu, Wenjie Ding and Ray Ming
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:334
  4. The closed poultry houses integrated with a longitudinal water curtain cooling system (LWCCS) are widely used in modern poultry production. This study showed the variations in environmental conditions in close...

    Authors: Qian Hu, Tao Zhang, Hua He, Fajun Pu, Rongping Zhang, Liang Li, Jiwei Hu, Lili Bai, Chunchun Han, Jiwen Wang and Hehe Liu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:333
  5. The current study aimed to evaluate Y chromosome haplotypes obtained from 1353 unrelated Iranian males using the AmpFlSTRTM YfilerTM kit; 1353 out of the 1353 identified haplotypes were unique. The haplotype d...

    Authors: Mohammad Reza Eskandarion, Arash Alipour Tabrizi, Reza Shirkoohi, Reza Raoofian, Masume Naji, Reza Pazhoomand, Hooman Salari, Bahram Samadirad, Alireza Sabouri, Mostafa Montazer Zohour, Hadi Namazi, Pegah Farhadi, Zohre Baratieh, Minoo Sayyari, Maliheh Dadgarmoghaddam, Esmat Safdarian…
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:332
  6. The pig (Sus Scrofa) is one of the oldest domesticated livestock species that has undergone extensive improvement through modern breeding. European breeds have advantages in lean meat development and highly-produ...

    Authors: Heng Du, Zhen Liu, Shi-Yu Lu, Li Jiang, Lei Zhou and Jian-Feng Liu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:331
  7. Plant growth and development can be significantly impacted by drought stress. Plants will adjust the synthesis and accumulation of secondary metabolites to improve survival in times of water constraint. Simult...

    Authors: Shuo Wang, XueLei Zhao, Chang Li, Jing Dong, JiaCheng Ma, YueHong Long and ZhaoBin Xing
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:330
  8. Previously, a novel multiplex system of 64 loci was constructed based on capillary electrophoresis platform, including 59 autosomal insertion/deletions (A-InDels), two Y-chromosome InDels, two mini short tande...

    Authors: Meiming Cai, Fanzhang Lei, Yanfang Liu, Xi Wang, Hongdan Wang, Weibing Xie, Zi Yang, Shangwu Yang and Bofeng Zhu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:329
  9. Food security is important for the ever-growing global population. Soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr., is cultivated worldwide providing a key source of food, protein and oil. Hence, it is imperative to maintain or ...

    Authors: Chade Li, Wenyan Nong, Delbert Almerick T. Boncan, Wai Lok So, Ho Yin Yip, Thomas Swale, Qi Jia, Ignacio G. Vicentin, Gyuhwa Chung, William G. Bendena, Jacky C. K. Ngo, Ting Fung Chan, Hon-Ming Lam and Jerome H. L. Hui
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:327
  10. Jilin white goose is an excellent local breed in China, with a high annual egg production and laying eggs mainly from February to July each year. The testis, as the only organ that can produce sperm, can affec...

    Authors: Yupu Song, Jingyun Ma, Qiuyuan Liu, Ichraf Mabrouk, Yuxuan Zhou, Jin Yu, Fengshuo Liu, Jingbo Wang, Zhiye Yu, Jingtao Hu and Yongfeng Sun
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:326
  11. Non-coding RNA is a key epigenetic regulation factor during skeletal muscle development and postnatal growth, and miR-542-3p was reported to be conserved and highly expressed in the skeletal muscle among diffe...

    Authors: Dandan Li, Yongqi Yue, Xinxin Feng, Weibing Lv, Yilin Fan, Peiran Sha, Te Zhao, Yaqiu Lin, Xianrong Xiong, Jian Li and Yan Xiong
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:325
  12. Lactococcus lactis is widely applied by the dairy industry for the fermentation of milk into products such as cheese. Adaptation of L. lactis to the dairy environment often depends on functions encoded by mobile...

    Authors: Simon van der Els, Reshtrie Sheombarsing, Thijn van Kempen, Michiel Wels, Jos Boekhorst, Peter A. Bron and Michiel Kleerebezem
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:324
  13. Cow milk fat is an essential indicator for evaluating and measuring milk quality and cow performance. Growing research has identified the molecular functions of circular RNAs (circRNAs) necessary for mammary g...

    Authors: Xiaofang Feng, Lijia Tong, Lina Ma, Tong Mu, Baojun Yu, Ruoshuang Ma, Jiwei Li, Chuanchuan Wang, Juan Zhang and Yaling Gu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:323
  14. Primulina hunanensis, a troglobitic plant within the Primulina genus of Gesneriaceae family, exhibits robust resilience to arid conditions and holds great horticultural potential as an ornamental plant. The work ...

    Authors: Lingling Chen, Xiang Dong, Hang Huang, Haixia Xu, Peninah Cheptoo Rono, Xiuzhen Cai and Guangwan Hu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:322
  15. Congenital infection caused by vertical transmission of microsporidia N. bombycis can result in severe economic losses in the silkworm-rearing industry. Whole-transcriptome analyses have revealed non-coding RNAs ...

    Authors: Zigang Shen, Zhuojun Ke, Qiong Yang, Samson Teweldeberhan Ghebremichael, Tangxin Li, Tian Li, Jie Chen, Xianzhi Meng, Heng Xiang, Chunfeng Li, Zeyang Zhou, Guoqing Pan and Ping Chen
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:321
  16. Stigma exsertion is an essential agricultural trait that can promote cross-pollination to improve hybrid seed production efficiency. However, the molecular mechanism controlling stigma exsertion remains unknown.

    Authors: Xiaoquan Zhang, Juxu Li, Xuexia Xing, Hongchen Li, Songtao Zhang, Jianbo Chang, Fengjie Wei, Yongfeng Zhang, Jinhui Huang, Xuelin Zhang and Zhaojun Wang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:320
  17. Gastric cancer (GC) is one of the most common malignant tumors worldwide. Nevertheless, GC still lacks effective diagnosed and monitoring method and treating targets. This study used multi omics data to explor...

    Authors: Jianing Yan, Xuan Yu, Qier Li, Min Miao and Yongfu Shao
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:319
  18. Detecting structural variations (SVs) at the population level using next-generation sequencing (NGS) requires substantial computational resources and processing time. Here, we compared the performances of 11 S...

    Authors: Soobok Joe, Jong-Lyul Park, Jun Kim, Sangok Kim, Ji-Hwan Park, Min-Kyung Yeo, Dongyoon Lee, Jin Ok Yang and Seon-Young Kim
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:318
  19. The growth-regulating factor-interacting factor (GIF) gene family plays a vital role in regulating plant growth and development, particularly in controlling leaf, seed, and root meristem homeostasis. However, the...

    Authors: Yuqi Yang, Jianhao Sun, Chen Qiu, Peipei Jiao, Houling Wang, Zhihua Wu and Zhijun Li
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:317
  20. Alfalfa is a perennial forage crop of high importance, but its cultivation is often affected by drought stress. Currently, the investigation of drought-related small RNAs is a popular research topic to uncover...

    Authors: Bochuang Wei, Yizhen Wang, Qian Ruan, Xiaolin Zhu, Xian Wang, Tianjie Wang, Ying Zhao and Xiaohong Wei
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:316
  21. Transcriptome-wide survey divulged a total of 181 ABC transporters in G. glabra which were phylogenetically classified into six subfamilies. Protein–Protein interactions revealed nine putative GgABCBs (-B6, -B14,...

    Authors: Ritu Devi, Pooja Goyal, Bhawna Verma, Shahnawaz Hussain, Fariha Chowdhary, Palak Arora and Suphla Gupta
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:315
  22. Apoptosis is involved (directly and indirectly) in several physiological processes including tissue remodeling during the development, the turnover of immune cells, and a defense against harmful stimuli. The d...

    Authors: Yanfei Cao, Linxiang Xu, Xinwei Xiong and Xiao Liu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:314
  23. Effective vector control is key to malaria prevention. However, this is now compromised by increased insecticide resistance due to continued reliance on insecticide-based control interventions. In Kenya, we ha...

    Authors: Diana Omoke, Lucy Mackenzie Impoinvil, Dieunel Derilus, Stephen Okeyo, Helga Saizonou, Nicola Mulder, Nsa Dada, Audrey Lenhart, Luc Djogbénou and Eric Ochomo
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:313
  24. Diabetic cardiomyopathy (DCM) is becoming a very well-known clinical entity and leads to increased heart failure in diabetic patients. Long non-coding RNAs (LncRNAs) play an important role in the pathogenesis ...

    Authors: Mengnan Zhao, Ting Wang, Xiaoning Cai, Guizhi Li, Na Li and Hong Zhou
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:312
  25. The Argentine stem weevil (ASW, Listronotus bonariensis) is a significant pasture pest in Aotearoa New Zealand, primarily controlled by the parasitoid biocontrol agent Microctonus hyperodae. Despite providing eff...

    Authors: Sarah N. Inwood, Thomas W. R. Harrop, Morgan W. Shields, Stephen L. Goldson and Peter K. Dearden
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:311
  26. Sequencing variable regions of the 16S rRNA gene (≃300 bp) with Illumina technology is commonly used to study the composition of human microbiota. Unfortunately, short reads are unable to differentiate between...

    Authors: Elena Buetas, Marta Jordán-López, Andrés López-Roldán, Giuseppe D’Auria, Llucia Martínez-Priego, Griselda De Marco, Miguel Carda-Diéguez and Alex Mira
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:310
  27. Incubation behaviour, an instinct for natural breeding in poultry, is strictly controlled by the central nervous system and multiple neuroendocrine hormones and neurotransmitters, and is closely associated wit...

    Authors: Zhi Chen, Di Wen, Yan Zhang, Jiaying Chen, Fengqian Pan, Wen Zhang, Shuangshuang Zhou, Fen Wang and Ren Mu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:309
  28. Flowering at the right time is a very important factor affecting the stable annual yield of longan. However, a lack of knowledge of the regulatory mechanism and key genes of longan flowering restricts healthy ...

    Authors: Dengwei Jue, Zhexin Li, Wenlin Zhang, Jianmin Tang, Ting Xie, Xuelian Sang and Qigao Guo
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:308
  29. Poplar anthracnose, which is one of the most important tree diseases, is primarily caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, which has been detected in poplar plantations in China and is responsible for serious e...

    Authors: Fei Xing, Linxuan Zhang, Wei Ge, Haixia Fan, Chengming Tian and Fanli Meng
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:306
  30. Fusarium, a member of the Ascomycota fungi, encompasses several pathogenic species significant to plants and animals. Some phytopathogenic species have received special attention due to their negative economic im...

    Authors: Daniel A. Gomez-Chavarria, Alvaro L. Rua-Giraldo and Juan F. Alzate
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:304
  31. A fine balance of feto-maternal resource allocation is required to support pregnancy, which depends on interactions between maternal and fetal genetic potential, maternal nutrition and environment, endometrial...

    Authors: Agnes Bonnet, Lisa Bluy, Laure Gress, Laurianne Canario, Laure Ravon, Aurelie Sécula, Yvon Billon and Laurence Liaubet
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:303
  32. Iron deficiency (ID) during the fetal-neonatal period results in long-term neurodevelopmental impairments associated with pervasive hippocampal gene dysregulation. Prenatal choline supplementation partially no...

    Authors: Shirelle X. Liu, Aarthi Ramakrishnan, Li Shen, Jonathan C. Gewirtz, Michael K. Georgieff and Phu V. Tran
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:301
  33. The Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin using sequencing (ATAC-seq) utilizes the Transposase Tn5 to probe open chromatic, which simultaneously reveals multiple transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs)...

    Authors: Shuangquan Zhang, Xiaotian Wu, Zhichao Lian, Chunman Zuo and Yan Wang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:300
  34. Many studies have been performed to identify various genomic loci and genes associated with the meat quality in pigs. However, the full genetic architecture of the trait still remains unclear in part because o...

    Authors: Daehong Kwon, Nayoung Park, Suyeon Wy, Daehwan Lee, Woncheoul Park, Han-Ha Chai, In-Cheol Cho, Jongin Lee, Kisang Kwon, Heesun Kim, Youngbeen Moon, Juyeon Kim and Jaebum Kim
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:299
  35. Mitochondrial genomes play important roles in studying genome evolution, phylogenetic analyses, and species identification. Amphipods (Class Malacostraca, Order Amphipoda) are one of the most ecologically dive...

    Authors: Joseph B. Benito, Megan L. Porter and Matthew L. Niemiller
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:298
  36. Black flounder (Paralichthys orbignyanus, Pleuronectiformes) is a commercially significant marine fish with promising aquaculture potential in Argentina. Despite extensive studies on Black flounder aquaculture, i...

    Authors: Fernando Villarreal, Germán F. Burguener, Ezequiel J. Sosa, Nicolas Stocchi, Gustavo M. Somoza, Adrián G. Turjanski, Andrés Blanco, Jordi Viñas and Alejandro S. Mechaly
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:297
  37. Body weight and size are important economic traits in chickens. While many growth-related quantitative trait loci (QTLs) and candidate genes have been identified, further research is needed to confirm and char...

    Authors: Jie Wang, Jie Liu, Qiuxia Lei, Zhihe Liu, Haixia Han, Shuer Zhang, Chao Qi, Wei Liu, Dapeng Li, Fuwei Li, Dingguo Cao and Yan Zhou
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:296
  38. Mammalian testis is a highly complex and heterogeneous tissue. This complexity, which mostly derives from spermatogenic cells, is reflected at the transcriptional level, with the largest number of tissue-speci...

    Authors: Carlos Romeo-Cardeillac, María Fernanda Trovero, Santiago Radío, Pablo Smircich, Rosana Rodríguez-Casuriaga, Adriana Geisinger and José Sotelo-Silveira
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:295
  39. Muscle growth post-birth relies on muscle fiber number and size. Myofibre number, metabolic and contractile capacities are established pre-birth during prenatal myogenesis. The aim of this study was to identif...

    Authors: Fatemeh Mohammadi Nejad, Mohammadreza Mohammadabadi, Zahra Roudbari, Abdolvahab Ebrahimpour Gorji and Tomasz Sadkowski
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:294
  40. Alternative splicing (AS) is a principal mode of genetic regulation and one of the most widely used mechanisms to generate structurally and functionally distinct mRNA and protein variants. Dysregulation of AS ...

    Authors: Zheng Zhang, Limei Dong, Hai Tao, Yusong Dong, Wei Xiang, Fenghua Tao and Yingchun Zhao
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:293
  41. Dystrophinopathies are the most common X-linked inherited muscle diseases, and the disease-causing gene is DMD. Exonic duplications are a common type of pathogenic variants in the DMD gene, however, 5’ end exonic...

    Authors: Jiandong Shen, Taoli Ding, Xueping Sun, Ji Yang, Yue Zhang, Jing Wang, Mengdi Ge, Heng Xu, Jiazi Xie, Fei Wang and Feiyang Diao
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:292
  42. Thymus mongolicus (family Lamiaceae) is a Thyme subshrub with strong aroma and remarkable environmental adaptability. Limited genomic information limits the use of this plant.

    Authors: Zhenhua Dang, Ying Xu, Xin Zhang, Wentao Mi, Yuan Chi, Yunyun Tian, Yaling Liu and Weibo Ren
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:291
  43. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) of Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a threat to public health as strains have developed resistance to antimicrobials available for the treatment of gonorrhea. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) ...

    Authors: Kelvin Lutambo Sarenje, Marco van Zwetselaar, Happiness Kumburu, Tolbert Sonda, Blandina Mmbaga, Owen Ngalamika, Margaret C. Maimbolwa, Amon Siame, Sody Munsaka and Geoffrey Kwenda
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:290
  44. Rahnella perminowiae S11P1 and Variovorax sp. S12S4 are two plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria that were previously isolated from the rhizosphere of Crocus sativus L. (saffron), and have demonstrated interestin...

    Authors: Rahma ZOUAGUI, Houda ZOUAGUI, Jamal AURAG, Azeddine IBRAHIMI and Laila SBABOU
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:289
  45. Larch is an important component of northern forests and a major cultivated tree species in restoration of forest cover using improved seed material. In recent years, the continuous low seed production has seve...

    Authors: Junfei Hao, Daixi Xu, Chen Wang, Qing Cao, Qingrong Zhao, Miaomiao Xie, Hanguo Zhang and Lei Zhang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2024 25:288

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