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  1. Environmental changes are expected to intensify in the future. The invasion of toxic plants under environmental changes may change herbivore feeding environments. Herbivores living long-term in toxic plant-fee...

    Authors: Yuchen Tan, Yanli Wang, Qianqian Liu, Zhicheng Wang, Shangli Shi and Junhu Su
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:529
  2. The harsh conditions of high-altitude environments are known to drive the evolution of physiological and morphological traits in endothermic animals. These conditions are expected to result in the adaptive evo...

    Authors: Edgar G. Gutiérrez, Jorge Ortega, Avery Savoie and J. Antonio Baeza
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:527
  3. To combat drought stress in rice, a major threat to global food security, three major quantitative trait loci for ‘yield under drought stress’ (qDTYs) were successfully exploited in the last decade. However, t...

    Authors: Deepesh Kumar, M. K. Ramkumar, Bipratip Dutta, Ajay Kumar, Rakesh Pandey, Pradeep Kumar Jain, Kishor Gaikwad, Dwijesh C. Mishra, K. K. Chaturvedi, Anil Rai, Amolkumar U. Solanke and Amitha Mithra Sevanthi
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:526
  4. The incidence of kidney disease caused by thyroid cancer is rising worldwide. Observational studies cannot recognize whether thyroid cancer is independently associated with kidney disease. We performed the Men...

    Authors: Ziwei Mei, Fuhao Li, Ruizhen Chen, Zilong Xiao, Dongsheng Cai, Lie Jin, Xu Qian, Yucheng Wang and Jun Chen
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:525
  5. Gut microbiota plays a significant role in host survival, health, and diseases; however, compared to other livestock, research on the gut microbiome of donkeys is limited.

    Authors: Rong Guo, Wei Zhang, Wei Shen, Guoliang Zhang, Taifeng Xie, Ling Li, Jiacuo Jinmei, Yiduan Liu, Fanyong Kong, Baozhu Guo, Benke Li, Yujiang Sun and Shuqin Liu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:524
  6. Ubiquitination controls almost all cellular processes. The dysregulation of ubiquitination signals is closely associated with the initiation and progression of multiple diseases. However, there is little compr...

    Authors: Deyu Long, Ruiqi Zhang, Changjian Du, Jiapei Tong, Yu Ni, Yaqi Zhou, Yongchun Zuo and Mingzhi Liao
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:523
  7. Evident adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) incurs high treatment costs, low quality of life, and many complications. Early screening of AIS is essential to avoid progressing to an evident stage. However, th...

    Authors: Zhenxuan Shao, Zengjie Zhang, Yiting Tu, Chongan Huang, Liang Chen, Anna Sun, Sunren Sheng, Xiaolei Zhang and Yan Wu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:522
  8. The autosomal dominant form of polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is the most common hereditary disease that causes late-onset renal cyst development and end-stage renal disease. Preimplantation genetic testing...

    Authors: Cuiting Peng, Han Chen, Jun Ren, Fan Zhou, Yutong Li, Yuezhi Keqie, Taoli Ding, Jiangxing Ruan, He Wang, Xinlian Chen and Shanling Liu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:521
  9. Symbiotic nitrogen fixation differs among Bradyrhizobium japonicum strains. Soybean inoculated with USDA123 has a lower yield than strains known to have high nitrogen fixation efficiency, such as USDA110. In the ...

    Authors: Susan Araya, Patrick Elia, Charles V. Quigley and Qijian Song
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:520
  10. Substantial variation in male fertility is regularly observed in farmed Arctic charr. However, detailed investigations of its fluctuation during a reproductive season and across years are lacking. Furthermore,...

    Authors: Khrystyna Kurta, Henrik Jeuthe, Rakan Naboulsi, Dirk-Jan de Koning and Christos Palaiokostas
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:519
  11. Previous preliminary work found that Latroeggtoxin-VI (LETX-VI), a proteinaceous neurotoxin from the eggs of spider Latrodectus tredecimguttatus, could promote the synthesis and release of dopamine in PC12 cells....

    Authors: Dianmei Yu, Haiyan Wang, Zhixiang Lei, Yiwen Zhai, Si Chen, Minglu Sun, Panfeng Yin and Xianchun Wang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:517
  12. Anatabine, although being one of four major tobacco alkaloids, is never accumulated in high quantity in any of the naturally occurring species from the Nicotiana genus. Previous studies therefore focused on trans...

    Authors: Kacper Piotr Kaminski, Lucien Bovet, Aurore Hilfiker, Helene Laparra, Joanne Schwaar, Nicolas Sierro, Gerhard Lang, Damien De Palo, Philippe Alexandre Guy, Csaba Laszlo, Simon Goepfert and Nikolai V. Ivanov
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:516
  13. Increasing grain nutritional value in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) is a paramount breeding objective, as is increasing drought resistance (DR), because sorghum is grown mainly in drought-prone areas. The genetic bas...

    Authors: Nasrein Mohamed Kamal, Yasir Serag Alnor Gorafi, Hisashi Tomemori, June-Sik Kim, Gamila Mohamed Idris Elhadi and Hisashi Tsujimoto
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:515
  14. The cellular and molecular dynamics of human prepuce are crucial for understanding its biological and physiological functions, as well as the prevention of related genital diseases. However, the cellular compo...

    Authors: Fei Tan, Yuan Xuan, Lan Long, Yang Yu, Chunhua Zhang, Pengchen Liang, Yaoqun Wang, Meiyu Chen, Jiling Wen and Geng Chen
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:514
  15. Atabecestat, a potent brain penetrable BACE1 inhibitor that reduces CSF amyloid beta (Aβ), was developed as an oral treatment for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Elevated liver enzyme adverse events were reported in...

    Authors: Qingqin S. Li, Stephan Francke, Jan Snoeys, John Thipphawong, Gary Romano and Gerald P. Novak
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:513
  16. The nucleolus is a large nuclear body that serves as the primary site for ribosome biogenesis. Recent studies have suggested that it also plays an important role in organizing chromatin architecture. However,...

    Authors: Trevor F. Freeman, Qiuxia Zhao, Agustian Surya, Reed Rothe and Elif Sarinay Cenik
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:512
  17. As the prepubertal stage is a crucial point for the proper development of the mammary gland and milk production, this study aims to evaluate how protein restriction at this stage can affect methylation marks i...

    Authors: P. A. S. Fonseca, A. Suárez-Vega, C. Esteban-Blanco, R. Pelayo, H. Marina, B. Gutiérrez-Gil and J. J. Arranz
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:511
  18. Along with global warming, resulting in crop production, exacerbating the global food crisis. Therefore, it is urgent to study the mechanism of plant heat resistance. However, crop resistance genes were lost d...

    Authors: Yarong Jin, Jinchan Luo, Yuchen Yang, Jiyuan Jia, Min Sun, Xiaoshan Wang, Imran Khan, Dejun Huang and Linkai Huang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:510
  19. Structural descriptions of complete genomes have elucidated evolutionary processes in angiosperms. In Cactaceae (Caryophyllales), a high structural diversity of the chloroplast genome has been identified withi...

    Authors: David Cruz Plancarte and Sofía Solórzano
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:509
  20. Cold-adapted archaea have diverse ecological roles in a wide range of low-temperature environments. Improving our knowledge of the genomic features that enable psychrophiles to grow in cold environments helps ...

    Authors: Liangzhong Chen, Tao Hong, Zirui Wu, Weizhi Song, Shaoxing X. Chen, Yongqin Liu and Liang Shen
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:508
  21. The Mongolian gazelle (Procapra gutturosa) population has shown a considerable range of contractions and local extinctions over the last century, owing to habitat fragmentation and poaching. A thorough understand...

    Authors: Lupeng Shi, Xiufeng Yang, Muha Cha, Tianshu Lyu, Lidong Wang, Shengyang Zhou, Yuehuan Dong, Huashan Dou and Honghai Zhang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:507
  22. The emergence and wide spread of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) poses a growing threat to global public health. However, clinically derived carbapenemase-producing Citrobacter causing multiple i...

    Authors: Jianzhong Ye, Lulu Jin, Yaling Li, Hao Xu, Yishuai Lin, Tieli Zhou, Beiwen Zheng, Maofeng Wang and Zhongyong Wang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:506
  23. Blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum) are regarded as “superfoods” attributed to large amounts of anthocyanins, a group of flavonoid metabolites, which provide pigmentation in plant and beneficial effects for human ...

    Authors: Haiyang Wang, Lulu Zhai, Shouwen Wang, Botian Zheng, Honglu Hu, Xuyan Li and Shaomin Bian
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:505
  24. Laccases are green biocatalysts with wide industrial applications. The study of efficient and specific laccase producers remains a priority. Cerrena species have been shown to be promising basidiomycete candidate...

    Authors: Long-Bin Zhang, Wu-Wei-Jie Yang and Ting-Ting Qiu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:504
  25. Cadmium (Cd) flows into the ocean with industrial and agricultural pollution and significantly affects the growth and development of economic cephalopods such as Sepia esculenta, Amphioctopus fangsiao, and Loligo...

    Authors: Xiumei Liu, Xiaokai Bao, Jianmin Yang, Xibo Zhu and Zan Li
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:503
  26. As an important reproductive hormone, melatonin plays an important role in regulating the reproductive activities of sheep and other mammals. Hu sheep is a breed favoring for meat, with prolific traits. In ord...

    Authors: Hao Wu, Wenkui Ma, Laiqing Yan, Fenze Liu, Shang Xu, Pengyun Ji, Shuai Gao, Lu Zhang and Guoshi Liu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:502
  27. Helcococcus ovis (H. ovis) is an emerging bacterial pathogen that commonly causes opportunistic respiratory, mammary, and uterine infections across mammalian hosts. This study applied long- and short-read whole g...

    Authors: Federico Cunha, Segundo Casaro, Kristi L. Jones, Rafael S. Bisinotto, Subhashinie Kariyawasam, Mary B. Brown and Klibs N. Galvão
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:501
  28. Plant organs grow in a certain direction and organ twisted growth, a rare and distinctive trait, is associated with internal structure changes and special genes. The twisted branch mutant of Chinese jujube juj...

    Authors: Zhi Luo, Mengjiao Gao, Xuan Zhao, Lihu Wang, Zhiguo Liu, Lixin Wang, Lili Wang, Jin Zhao, Jiurui Wang and Mengjun Liu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:500
  29. This paper aims to explore the role of circRNA expression profiles and circRNA-associated ceRNA networks in the regulation of myogenesis in the longissimus dorsi of cattle breeds surviving under subtropical co...

    Authors: Chuang Yang, Longfei Wu, Yongqing Guo, Yaokun Li, Ming Deng, Dewu Liu, Guangbin Liu and Baoli Sun
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:499
  30. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is the most widely planted legume forage and one of the most economically valuable crops in the world. The periodic changes in its growth and development and abiotic stress determine its...

    Authors: Fenqi Chen, Jinqing Zhang, Xue Ha and Huiling Ma
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:498
  31. Growing evidence has shown that gut microbiome composition is associated with breast cancer (BC), but the causality remains unknown. We aimed to investigate the link between BC prognosis and the gut microbiome...

    Authors: Weimin Hong, Guoxin Huang, Danhong Wang, Yadan Xu, Jie Qiu, Bin Pei, Da Qian and Xuli Meng
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:497
  32. Despite recent efforts to increase diversity in genome-wide association studies (GWASs), most loci currently associated with kidney function are still limited to European ancestry due to the underlying sample ...

    Authors: Christopher Kintu, Opeyemi Soremekun, Tafadzwa Machipisa, Richard Mayanja, Robert Kalyesubula, Bernard S. Bagaya, Daudi Jjingo, Tinashe Chikowore and Segun Fatumo
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:496
  33. Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) is an important oilseed crop worldwide. Improving its yield is crucial for sustainable peanut production to meet increasing food and industrial requirements. Deciphering the genetic c...

    Authors: Yuanjin Fang, Hua Liu, Li Qin, Feiyan Qi, Ziqi Sun, Jihua Wu, Wenzhao Dong, Bingyan Huang and Xinyou Zhang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:495
  34. Soybean is one of the most important oil crops in the world. The domestication of wild soybean has resulted in significant changes in the seed oil content and seed size of cultivated soybeans. To better unders...

    Authors: Yanjie Yao, Erhui Xiong, Xuelian Qu, Junfeng Li, Hongli Liu, Leipo Quan, Wenyan Lu, Xuling Zhu, Meiling Chen, Ke Li, Xiaoming Chen, Yun Lian, Weiguo Lu, Dan Zhang, Xinan Zhou, Shanshan Chu…
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:494
  35. Chromatin-associated phase separation proteins establish various biomolecular condensates via liquid–liquid phase separation (LLPS), which regulates vital biological processes spatially and temporally. However...

    Authors: Peiyu Zhu, Chao Hou, Manlin Liu, Taoyu Chen, Tingting Li and Likun Wang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:493
  36. Immune traits are considered to serve as potential biomarkers for pig’s health. Medium to high heritabilities have been observed for some of the immune traits suggesting genetic variability of these phenotypes...

    Authors: Katharina Roth, Maren Julia Pröll-Cornelissen, Hubert Henne, Anne Kathrin Appel, Karl Schellander, Ernst Tholen and Christine Große-Brinkhaus
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:492
  37. DNA methylation plays an important role in life processes by affecting gene expression, but it is still unclear how DNA methylation is controlled and how it regulates gene transcription under high temperature ...

    Authors: Anzheng Liu, Fanshuang Zeng, Luo Wang, Hao Zhen, Xinglong Xia, Honglin Pei, Changkun Dong, Yanmin Zhang and Jun Ding
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:491
  38. As the characteristic functional component in ginger, gingerols possess several health-promoting properties. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) act as crucial regulators of diverse biological processes. However, l...

    Authors: Wenlin Zhang, Yang Yang, Xuedong Zhu, Suyu Yang, Ximei Liao, Honglei Li, Zhexin Li, Qinhong Liao, Jianmin Tang, Guohua Zhao and Lin Wu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:490
  39. WD40 transcription factors (TFs) constitute a large gene family in eukaryotes, playing diverse roles in cellular processes. However, their functions in the major ornamental plant, Rhododendron simsii, remain poor...

    Authors: Cheng Wang, Yafang Tang, Yan Li, Chao Hu, Jingyi Li and Ang Lyu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:488
  40. Telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) plays a crucial role in synthesizing telomeric repeats that safeguard chromosomes from damage and fusion, thereby maintaining genome stability. Mutations in the TERT gene c...

    Authors: Mykyta Peka, Viktor Balatsky, Artem Saienko and Oleksandr Tsereniuk
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:487
  41. The nematode Caenorhabditis briggsae has been used as a model in comparative genomics studies with Caenorhabditis elegans because of their striking morphological and behavioral similarities. However, the potentia...

    Authors: Nicolas D. Moya, Lewis Stevens, Isabella R. Miller, Chloe E. Sokol, Joseph L. Galindo, Alexandra D. Bardas, Edward S. H. Koh, Justine Rozenich, Cassia Yeo, Maryanne Xu and Erik C. Andersen
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:486
  42. Nutrition has not only an impact on the general wellbeing of an animal but can also affect reproductive processes. In cattle, feeding regimes can influence the age of puberty onset and alter gonadal developmen...

    Authors: Volker Röttgen, Lisa-Maria Tümmler, Dirk Koczan, Alexander Rebl, Björn Kuhla, Jens Vanselow and Anja Baufeld
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:485
  43. Sepsis is a high mortality disease which seriously threatens human life and health, for which the pathogenetic mechanism still unclear. There is increasing evidence showed that immune and inflammation response...

    Authors: Tianfeng Wang, Si Xu, Lei Zhang, Tianjun Yang, Xiaoqin Fan, Chunyan Zhu, Yinzhong Wang, Fei Tong, Qing Mei and Aijun Pan
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:484
  44. Babesia caballi is an intraerythrocytic parasite from the phylum Apicomplexa, capable of infecting equids and causing equine piroplasmosis. However, since there is limited genome information available on B. cabal...

    Authors: Akihiro Ochi, Taishi Kidaka, Hassan Hakimi, Masahito Asada and Junya Yamagishi
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:483
  45. The natural products, metabolites, of gut microbes are crucial effect factors on diseases. Comprehensive identification and annotation of relationships among disease, metabolites, and microbes can provide effi...

    Authors: Cheng-Yu Wang, Xia Kuang, Qiao-Qiao Wang, Gu-Qin Zhang, Zhen-Shun Cheng, Zi-Xin Deng and Feng-Biao Guo
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:482
  46. Heat shock protein 20 (HSP20) is a member of the heat stress-related protein family, which plays critical roles in plant growth, development, and response to abiotic stresses. Although many HSP20 genes have been ...

    Authors: Yangguang Hua, Qiao Liu, Yufeng Zhai, Limin Zhao, Jinjian Zhu, Xiaodan Zhang, Qiaojun Jia, Zongsuo Liang and Dekai Wang
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:478

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